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Excellent discounts are available for larger volumes. Cube Crate Hire provides eco-friendly and durable Easycrates in the UK. Our plastic-lidded crates will keep your items safely secured during transit, making them the perfect crate for moving. They are an effective solution for storing your products or possessions.

  • CC1 – Computer Lidded Crate

    Best for Computers: Fits a monitor, keyboard and mouse

    Price reference, Rates/Day from
    £0.21 (ex.VAT)
  • CC2 – Pedestal/Locker Crate

    Perfect for storing personal possessions from desk drawers, lockers, etc.

    Price reference, Rates/Day from
    £0.12 (ex.VAT)
  • CC3 – Standard Lidded Crate

    Our most popular: Fits 6-8 lever arch files

    Price reference, Rates/Day from
    £0.08 (ex.VAT)
  • CC6 – Metre Lidded Crate

    The longest Easycrate: Fits 10-12 lever arch files

    Price reference, Rates/Day from
    £0.12 (ex.VAT)
  • CCB1 – Small Office up to 10 desks

    10 x CC3 Standard Crates
    10 x CC2 Personal Crates
    10 x CC1 Computer Crates
    20 x Computer Screen Covers
    10 x Keyboard/Mouse Bubble Bags
    10M Bubble Wrap
    100 x Labels
    100 x Crate Locking Ties

    Price reference
    £99.60 -> £89.00 (ex.VAT) for first 7 days. Then £7.50 per day
  • CCB2 – Medium Office for 10 – 15 desks

    15 x CC3 Standard Crates
    15 x CC2 Personal Crates
    15 x CC1 Computer Crates
    30 x Computer Screen Covers
    15 x Keyboard/Mouse Bubble Bags
    20M Bubble Wrap
    150 x Labels
    100 x Crate Locking Ties

    Price reference
    £150.40 ->£135.00 (ex.VAT) for first 7 days. Then £11.00 per day
  • CCB3 – Medium Office up to 25 desks

    25 x CC3 Standard Crates
    25 x CC2 Personal Crates
    25 x CC1 Computer Crates
    50 x Computer Screen Covers
    25 x Keyboard/Mouse Bubble Bags
    30M Bubble Wrap
    200 x Labels
    200 x Crate Locking Ties

    Price reference
    £246.00 ->£199.00 (ex.VAT) for first 7 days. Then £18.50 per day
  • CCSC1 – Secure Roll Cage With Single Shelf

    CCSC1 – Roll cage with single shelf for £2.25 per day

    H:1720mm x W:715mm x D:825mm

    This cage comes with one folding shelf and can be used to move computers and other valuable items.

    Price reference, Rates/Day
    £2.25 (ex.VAT)
  • CCDOL – Rubber Topped Skate

    Used to transport large and awkward items as well as crates.

    Price reference, Rates/Day
    £0.9 (ex.VAT)
  • CCLT – Crate Locking Ties

    CCLT – Crate Locking Ties for £0.08 each – minimum of 100

    Price reference, Rates/Day
    £0.08 (ex.VAT)
  • CCL – Labels

    CCL – Labels for £0.60 per sheet of ten

    Price reference, Rates/Day
    £0.6 (ex.VAT)
  • CCFSC – Computer Screen Cover

    CCFSC – Computer Screen Cover <22 inches for £0.12 per day

    Price reference, Rates/Day
    £0.12 (ex.VAT)
  • CCABB – Antistatic Bubble Bags

    CCABB – Antistatic Bubble Bags 750 x 750mm for £1.75 each

    Price reference, Rates/Day
    £1.75 (ex.VAT)

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How our crates benefit your business?

Cube Crate Hire offers moving and removal Easycrates for large and small-scale projects, planned moves or ongoing contracts. We will work as an extension of your own team, with our experts on call whenever you need us.

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All items are professionally packed and unpacked by our crate hire packing team

Enhanced protection all the way

Cube Crate Hire offers a useful and reliable choice for when you need to move items safely. Environmentally friendly and durable, they offer you peace of mind that your items have the best possible protection. So from your firm’s IT assets to your children’s soft toy collection, you can rest assured that your items are safe and secure.


  • Competitive rates

  • Flexibility to suit you

  • Reliability

  • Wide range of crates & bundles

  • Accurate billing

  • Expert team supports 7 days a week

Benefit of Our EasyCrates


Precise & Reliable

Crate Delivery & Collection

We have our own range of specialist vehicles that we use, and our drivers and delivery team have been trained in all aspects of safe handling and transport. When the hire period is complete, your crates will be collected promptly to minimise any inconvenience of them staying around when you no longer need them. Our crate delivery service gives you:

  • Clean, ready to use crates, stacked to take up minimum floor space
  • Time slots that start from early morning to after work hours to fit with your schedule
  • Our team of expert drivers and porters at your disposal
  • A reliable and convenient service – our team can give notice of their imminent arrival as your require

Other than our stellar service with hiring crates, you'll find our crates:


Hiring crates is cheaper alternative to buying boxes or crates yourself


Our crates are cleaned after each use, so they can be reused until they reach the end of their product life, and they can be recycled


The crates can be sealed with tamper proof seals and are sturdy to protect items in transit


Crates don’t need to folded, put together or taped. Simply open the lid and pack items


The crates can be moved on skates or trolleys easily when they are full


The lids open to allow for stacking when empty, saving space when you store them

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We are proud of every solution that we provide as each one is as unique as the individual requirements of that client.

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